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 What the Critics are Saying:

Kristen Gehling...

gives a fine impassioned performance. 


-Victor Gluck

Shades of Blue: The Decline and Fall of Lady Day

"Kristen Gehling as actress Tallulah Bankhead is... amazing, as both she and Froix basically took over the stage. Between the two of them, there was such energy present that only two confident, talented actors can bring to a performance; each one complimented the other's performance, which was so incredibly admirable and wonderful to watch. Gehling portrays the two sides of Bankhead with such ease. While she attempts to keep her relationship with Holiday in check, she still takes many moments to contemplate how much this woman has affected her; even after her death, Gehling takes such pride in explaining how she adored Billie." - Kristen Morale -

"Kristen Gehling was perfect as Tallulah Bankhead. She captured her strident vulnerability." - Eva Heinemann - Hi! Drama

Damn Yankees

"As reporter Gloria, Kristen Gehling is just as game, singing and dancing through standout "Shoeless Joe" with the kind of headstrong poise a female reporter would probably need to put up with a baseball team."  - David Wilcox  The Auburn Citizen

"Kristen Gehling plays Gloria Thorpe, the news reporter, with such attitude and confidence.  She is stellar in 'Shoeless Joe from Hannibal Moe.'"

 - Natasha Ashley  NY Theatre Guide

"Kristen Gehling as Gloria, the journalist who asks too many questions, has just the right boldness and smarts."  - Barbara Adams

What Was Lost

"Kristen Gehling, who plays Margo Jones in this production and Billie Holiday's lover in Shades of Blue, is just awesome - let's leave it at that." - Kristen Morale -

Little Wars

"We learn not only her purpose but, as she speaks, of her passionate devotion to her cause, powerfully conveyed by Kristen Gehling, and of her personal life and sacrifices."  - Yvonne Korshak  Let's Talk Off-Broadway

 "Kristen Gehling as Muriel Gardiner embodies the real high stakes of the play as the heroine who smuggles passports to Jews behind enemy lines. Gehling plays her character with an intelligent charm, and walks the fine line of passionate idealist, and polite dinner party guest. Gehling is a charismatic actress and one to watch in the NYC theater scene." - Off The Beaten Track Theatre


"Kristen Gehling who remains so present even when she has no lines (a trap for less-proficient actors)."

- Brenda Repland  Arab Vistas Today

"As Mary/Muriel, Kristen Gehling never loses the anxiety of one always in the shadows."  -

Trailer Park

"Gehling gets many a cackle putting her own profane stamp on the proceedings... Somber moments come... as Lin's effort to keep the lights on at Armadillo Acres so the juice can't be used to electrocute her husband at the nearby prison." - David Wilcox The Auburn Citizen

"Round out this small community with a trio of women at the heart of the comedy, the vulgar Greek chorus of Betty, Lin, and Pickles and you’ve got the perfect formula for foolishness... 'the girls,' the show’s driving force... Kristen Gehling’s no-nonsense Lin, whose husband is on death row, is candid about how he won’t be missed." - Barbara Adams Ithaca Times

"Lin's kooky needling of other park-dwellers to keep their lights on 24/7 is another source of laughs on the surface, but below the nuisance is another touching glimpse of the human condition."

- David Wilcox The Auburn Citizen

Promises, Promises

"Sheldrake's brusque secretary (played with engaging cynicism by Kristen Gehling) ultimately comes into her own." - Barbara Adams Ithaca Times

"We cheer when his secretary, Miss Olson (Kristen Gehling) turns the tables on him." - James MacKillop Syracuse New Times

Where Trouble Sleeps

"I'd recommend it for those who can appreciate a great story told by skilled craftsmen." - Robert McKinney Bristol Herald Courier

"Give us more to see."  - Stephen Sondheim

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