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Turning the ordinary into Extraordinary:


Ned Donovan

Ned is one of those rare human beings who hungers to create good in the world.  Whether it's through acting, friendship, or his incredible company Charging Moose Media, he challenges those around him to reach higher, be better, and bring forth something new.  His company "came out of a desire to create fun, exciting, high quality media projects across a wide spectrum of interests with a diversely talented group of artists."  Ned and his collaborator Marcus "strive to create engaging, unique, professional products that showcase our talents and the talents of the many incredible artists around us."  Check him, The Hunted: Encore, or At The Table out today!

Greg is a dear friend of Kristen's dating back to her days as a beer-slinging cocktail waitress in Murray Hill.  His view of the world and desire to change it through art is nothing short of incredible.  "His work consists mostly of spray paint over mixed-media, often with reclaimed materials ranging from shiny bullets to dirty newspaper clippings.  Greg's newest series is called Future: No Future and depicts scenes of ongoing world travesties and their repercussions (i.e. child homelessness, global warming, and human trafficking.)  His previous series, Hollywood Graffiti, is ongoing and started with famous Hollywood icons over relative collage.  It's since expanded to showcase Greg's heroes, varying from musicians to revolutionaries."  His work is original, brilliant, and moving.

Sarah is one of those rare humans who radiate sunshine from every pore.  Besides being a very dear and gracious friend to Kristen, Sarah is always in pursuit of knowledge.  Her ability to remember and recount exact details is always astounding.  She has used this gift to capture the conversation of cooking on film and in text.  She generously shares these amazing interactions and recipes in publications and on her own dinner table.

Ryan is Kristen's birthday buddy!  They met during a high school production of Grease in NH.  Since then, they have collaborated on numerous film and music projects mostly due to Ryan's inventive company ROCK*iT FiLMS.  Ryan is constantly striving to challenge the status quo, bringing his clients' requests to a ground-breaking new level.  His work has been featured in several large music videos and national commercial campaigns.  He is a true hometown innovator.

Mark Price


Besides being one of the finest actors EVER, Mark is an incredibly motivating director and inspiring teacher.  He challenges everyone he comes in contact with to live as their best selves.  He brings joy, comfort, and wisdom to every life he touches.  Every day to Mark is an opportunity to be better.  Kristen is grateful to have him as a mentor and to call him a friend.  

Need a push in any direction?  Check him out and get ready to be INSPIRED.

"To us art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take the risk."  - Mark Rothko

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